Time To Interact

I’ve been out in London today Insiders.

One of the most beautiful, busiest capitals of the world. (Can you tell I’m proud to be British?!)

It’s been a family members birthday! The big 21! – I was out shopping with my mum all day, walking up and down the busy pathways of oxford street. – Brought 2 MORE handbags (I think I’m slightly addicted). – Braved the tube. Something that I’m not very fond of, as I feel as though I’m a hamster in a tube. Stuck. If anything ever happened, you’d be screwed!

Now I’m sitting in a pub garden. Over looking tower bridge. – Stunning. It occurred to me that, I’m observing people. Everyone is talking and is in there own little conversations. – I feel alone. (I know I’m not), yet I feel alone, on the outside.

I’m scared, whenever I think that I’m going to join into a conversation, either I say it too quietly or people just breeze over it. I know this isn’t intentional however it doesn’t stop me from sinking into my chair and wishing I was at home in bed. In my safe place.

It’s crazy that you can be present in the moment, yet not actively there or listening to the people in conversation. It’s like slow motion. Everyone is talking in slow motion, as I just sit and watch.

Right take a deep breath, breathe.

Time to interact. – You’ve got this!

Much Love,

The Insider x

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