Big Yourself Up

So, I was at work today (like a normal person would be on a Monday), and I went to see one of my friends. He’s one of those friends that like to teach me about life.. I mean he’s very close to hitting the BIG 40, so I guess he’s kinda qualified to teach me about life. He’s one of those friends, that loves to make you feel better and always makes you laugh. I’ve mentioned this friend in serval different posts previously. – Today he was talking about my love life. – As dormant (well non-existent) as it is, he loves to joke around about it.

‘You need to let me set you up with someone’ ‘Who are you interested in?’ ‘Why don’t you go on Bumble or Tinder?’ – I guess the answer to that question, is I’m scared. I think that dating sites are scary. You upload photos that you get judged on and if your not what the person is looking for (physically) then you don’t get spoken too at all. I know, I know, you can put a bio, but come one you’re telling me people read them? No, they don’t. If your not attracted to the photo your not going to bother reading the bio or messaging them. – I said to my friend, give me a couple more months and when I’ve lost a little more weight, then maybe I’ll think about it. (It’ll give me a little more confidence). Not to mention making a profile feels like a CV & cover letter! It’s like you’re creating an application. – Its crazy! I’m not saying dating sites aren’t good but it’s just my opinion of them.. If you’ve found the love of your life on a dating site, I’m SUPER happy for you! ❤

When I said this to my friend, he looked at me with sad eyes… well they weren’t sad, they were more disappointed in a way. He says that I sell myself short. That I’m not as chubby as I think I am, that I need to big myself up more.

You know what Insiders.. He is SOOO right (I’m only saying that because he doesn’t read my blog and he’ll never see me say he’s right..). – I do need to big myself up more. I, like most people have positive attributes that should be shouted from the roof-tops and talked about. I have great hair, I have a great sense of humour, I love helping people, I have great style, I’m spontaneous, I’m motivated, I enjoy the little things. (You’ve had a brief insight into my CV.. I mean bio..). So why don’t we celebrate more of what’s good about ourselves rather than what isn’t. We shouldn’t hide away the things that are good in fear of being called arrogant, cocky or self-centred. We should be confident in our self-belief, in our self-love. – Let the positive chatter come out and shine.

Its all about the positivity! – Each day this week, I will say out loud 5 things that I like about myself. Kind of like a mantra. If I say them enough maybe I’ll eventually believe them …

  1. I like my hair…
  2. I like my eyelashes…
  3. I like my freckles…
  4. I like my smile…
  5. I like that I like helping people…

What do you like about yourself?

Much Love,

The Insider x

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