So yesterday was my last day at work for 4 days. Some might see that as a wonderful long weekend.. Me however gets stupidly nervous about not going into work. Honestly the shear dread that comes over my body is ridiculous! Thinking about leaving for a few days should be joyous but nooo I cant seem to get my brain to shut off.

It’s like my head decides to have an overdrive party.. ‘Are you sure your off today?’ ‘Have you done everything you’ve needed to?’ ‘Think about what others are saying about you now that your not there’ ‘Think about all the work your going to have to catch up on when you get back’ – Honestly its ridiculous! Plus its really draining!

I’m going to a concert with my mum. I’m sure you can all guess that its not going to be some drunken festival or a heavy rock concert, but its to go see a band that me and my mum both love. – Plus we might be tipsy but not drunk haha. This band was the first band that I ever went to see live. In fact its the first band that my mum ever took me too.

When this band broke up (and I’m giving you loads of hints here to who I might be going to see), I actually cried. I was so upset when they broke up, it was like my life had ended. – I will state for the record that I must’ve been 15… so full of hormones and hating the puberty. I would play and play and replay there songs. I think by now, I know every single word to every song that they have created. – That’s not even an exaggeration. What would be an exaggeration is me saying I know all there words to each song backwards. I would love to say I do because that would be pretty impressive, alas that’s not the case.

I have great memories listening to there songs and singing them with my mum in the open air concert, drinking soft drinks (as I was under the age of 13 haha), with my nan, aunt and cousin. All having a great time singing and dancing. Which is why it’s only fitting that I returned the favour over 10 years later when they got back together again to take my mum to see them. – Now that I’m on the train, I’m super super excited! Like honestly, I cant hold my excitement in! I’m siting on the train with my headphones in, bopping along to there songs. God I love there voices, there Irish godly voices! Super fan-girling right now. It’s really hard not to sing though.. I don’t think the people in the carriage would appreciate my tone death voice. – It’ll be like a cat being strangled!

I can’t wait! – Girly weekend!

Much Love,

Th Insider x

p.s, If you haven’t guessed already its Westlife!!

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