The Dating Scene

Let’s kick start with this ..

I’m back on the dating scene.

Shock, horror, I know! – Such a scary thought for many of us.

I never thought Id say that again. Yet here I am 23 and back into the sea of dating. You know, finding your lobster really isn’t easy! (okay if any of you didn’t get that Friends reference, I don’t think you should be on my site) …. I must’ve been back on the scene for around 2-3 months now and honestly I feel exhausted. – Its so much effort. I mean, you actually have to have conversations with people and it gets tiring (for me to say that is worrying as  I can talk for England).

‘How’re you?’ ‘What’ve you done today?’ ‘What’s your job?’

They are all obligatory questions that we feel we have to ask, however how many people actually care or want to know?

I mean, Im someone that can get bored very easily and having the same conversations over and over and over again is just so boring. I just want to find someone that will knock my socks off and be interesting. I mean they don’t need to be super smart or anything like that but just someone that can hold a random, fun conversation. I want questions like ‘What super power would you want?’ ‘Why don’t cats have thumbs?’ ‘Why’s the sky blue?’ ‘What’s the scariest thing in the world to you?’ ‘Would you rather …’ – You know some seriously random stuff but also fun things.

I want a guy that you can have ‘fun’ with. I’m sure you all know what I mean by fun… yes, I mean, going for walks, bowling, cinema, dinner, coffee, zoo trips. – Shame on any of you who thought I meant something else! Haha – Anyway, the guy I’ve just described doesn’t exist or if they do, they are avoiding me. I seem to find the guys that don’t have any depth or imagination. (Or there imagination is only on one thing – Yes this time I meant s*x). I just want to be able to talk for hours about anything and everything. I have to feel like the other person actually cares or is interested in my life and isn’t afraid to take the time to find out things.

My first ever date was horrific. We went somewhere public, a lovely little pub. We had drinks, the obligatory questions where asked (bla, bla, bla).. By the end of the date we both knew that it wasn’t going anywhere, yet the guy thought it was ok to give me notes on what I could’ve done to improve on .. Like seriously? What a d*ck right? … I’m surprised that, that encounter didn’t put me off dating all together. 

You know, all I want is to get that girly feeling, the butterflies, the ‘oh I hope he kisses me’ nerves, the smile that creeps on your face when you see there name pop up on your phone, someone that isn’t afraid to put the effort in.  – Alas no luck … yet.

Eh, am I just picky?


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