2020 – A New Decade

Happy New Year! – I know, I know, I’m a few days late… but still, Happy New Year!

Well, I hope you all had an amazing start to the year guys. Whether it was out parting the night away or staying at home with a few friends/loved ones. I hope you had a blast!

For me, I was breaking the social norm and saw the new year in sitting snuggled up on my sofa alone, with the log fire burning and drinking non-alcoholic champagne – Look at me being an adult and making slightly (emphasis on the slightly) better decisions. I did have choices about where to go for New Years, I could’ve gone to Manchester and celebrated with family, I could’ve gone round my friends house for a party but nah, staying in suited me just fine this year. Not to mention I’ve been suffering with a stupid cold and unable to do much.

I don’t know about you, but the whole of my social media is covered with peoples New Year, New Me quotes and New Years resolutions. I do really enjoy seeing all the positivity about the new decade. All the hope that a new year brings. I love it. Plus the New Year resolutions make me chuckle. I wonder to myself how many of the resolutions will be kept throughout the year. – Between us, I don’t think I’ve ever kept mine…

Another thing I like, is seeing everyone reminiscing about the year and decade that they have had. So here’s mine.. Just a heads up.. I am going to be cheesy;

I learned a lot about myself over the last decade. No matter how dark times got, depression, my relationship ending, leaving school, starting my career and just growing up in general, Im stronger than I think. I surprised myself in so many ways. Especially in the last year alone. I just needed to believe in me.

So entering this new year, this new decade, I will continue to love myself, continue to be kind to myself, keep pushing myself, keep believing in myself.

Make 2020 whatever you want it to be. – Make it AMAZING.

Happy New Year!


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