Mini Successes

So, since November I’ve been on this health surge. No don’t worry, I’m not turning into some fitness freak because come on, that’s just not me and I enjoy food way too much for that.

I’ve cut out all the takeaways, no longer drinking alcohol (yes this is stupidly hard), walking most evenings. Honestly it’s been amazing. It hasn’t always been easy. I mean lets face it,  if it was we would all be super skinny/the perfect size. Making this kind of change doesn’t happen over night. I mean I’m having to break so many bad habits that I’ve picked up over the 23 years of be being alive and recreating my relationship with food/exercise. It’s a lifestyle change.

Today I actually had my second mini success.

My first was hearing people at work say how good I look. My favourite comment was ‘I can see you’re dimples!’ and the funniest comment was ‘you look amazing but don’t you dare lose them boobs’ (don’t worry that’s not from the office weirdo, it’s from one of my close GIRL friends). But back to my mini success… today, I found out that I can now fit in the next size down jeans. I’m so happy!! I know it’s a small step but it’s still progress and it makes me extremely happy. It’s crazy how nervous and scared I was about trying the smaller size on but that was just the doubt. Facing the fear clearly paid off because I’m now strutting my stuff in a smaller size. – Boom!

My next step is freaking me out a little. Up until now I’ve just been eating/drinking better but now it’s time for me to kick it up a notch. I’m going to start running (God help me). I don’t think I’ve actually ran since I was at school (for those of you that don’t know, that was maybe 5 years ago). It’s a silly thought really.. being afraid to start running. I’m sure we’ve all been there though. The ‘what ifs’ start to form in our heads. ‘What if I look stupid’ ‘what if someone sees me?’ ‘What if I can’t do it’ ‘what if I fail’ – Well it’s the old saying… You never know unless you try. So Monday, will be the decider – Will I boss it or will it kick my butt? (Stay tuned to find out).

So to sum up…

18lb down since 05.11.

No alcohol since 27.10.19.

Smaller sized jeans since 03.01.

I’m really excited to see the progress as it continues!


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