Hair Dye

Hey there my lovely Insiders!

I was sitting around my room the other day and was thinking that I wanted a change. (This is never a good thing – I’m so unpredictable). What I decided to do, out of the blue is dye my hair. Whenever I say this my boyfriend rolls his eyes and says ‘Are you sure you want to do this? – Everytime you go back to brown you hate it and book in with your hairdresser and pay hundreds of pounds to go back to blonde’ – Blah Blah Blah.

Im the type of person that once I have something in my head, nothing will stop me from doing it. – Im such a strong minded person haha. I walked straight into Boots with this idea in mind. I went striding in, ready to get my normal brand and colour. To my amazement they didn’t have any. My heart sank a little. I really wanted to change my hair. Gutted I started to look at the other brands to see if any of them looked as good or if I could remember using any of the others before. I came across a fairly known hair dye brand and thought that I would give it a go. I always buy 2. Any girl that box dyes her hair knows that you always need a 2nd box just in case. You don’t want to get half way through and realise that because your hair is so long you’ve ran out or heaven forbid you miss patches of your hair! ALWAYS BUY A SECOND BOX!

Anyway I had ombre hair. I had bleach blonde hair on my tips and mousey brown roots. It looked rather nice and considering it cost me around £110 I liked it. However I really wanted a change. I picked up 2 boxes of dark/black hair dye and started to dye my hair. My poor boyfriend, I make him help me. I can’t do the back of my hair and I’m forever scared that I’ll miss pieces. He will be standing pouring the colour onto my head and also helping me section my hair to get the best coverage! – BEST BOYFRIEND EVER! – Top browny points!

He does always moan at me though. Whenever I dye my hair, its never done smoothly or carefully. I always seem to make the biggest mess ever. Honestly, it will get all over the floor, the walls, the table, the mirror, the sink, my clothes and not to mention all over my face/shoulders/arms. It looks like a bomb of hair dye had exploded! – He always drags me into the bathroom now because I’ve managed to get hair dye on his floor a couple of times… Oops!

The first box did a very good job especially as I haven’t used this brand before! Impressed I washed out the colour and dried my hair. I went to sleep feeling fabulous!

I woke up the next morning and started getting ready for work. As I sat down at my desk prepping my face I could see light brown strips though my hair. In complete shock, I scrambled to get my brush and started pulling at my hair. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had missed chunks of my hair. – Mentally I was screaming inside. I had to go to work with patchy hair. I immediately woke my boyfriend up in a panic asking him if he could notice it. He couldn’t but I could. I felt so self conscious about it. I was walking around work with my hair up hoping that people wouldn’t be able to see the patches. – I felt so relieved that the only comments I got was ‘OMG, I love your hair’ ‘Your hair looks amazing dark’ – I was so happy!

I got home that night and got the second box I had on my table and reapplied another colour on top. This time I made sure that I didn’t miss a single layer of hair.

Insiders, if you dye your hair please remember to have at least another box of hair dye on standby just incase you have any issues the first time round. You don’t want to have a bad hair day like me.

Much Love,

The Insider x



Pastey Vampires

I love being on holiday (as I’m sure we all do). The sea, the sun and sand. All of it. Although, it can be very expensive – Totally worth it though! I always go for half board when I go away. It’s so much cheaper! You get unlimited breakfast (so you can stuff your face), you don’t need lunch – I don’t eat lunch on holiday anyway, it’s too hot. Not to mention it interferes with my tanning time! Not good. You then have dinner which is usually a buffet (so all you can eat again!). All you’ll need to pay for is the drinks – This however can be just as costly as the whole holiday with the amount I drink.

I’m one of those people that everyone hates when I go on holiday. – Yes I post loads of pictures on all social media sites. Also privately I would send photos to my bestie, saying ‘have fun at work’ … ‘without me’. It would be a picture of me by the pool drinking a beer. – I’m so evil. (I LOVE IT). I hate it when my friends do it to me though.
You can always tell who’s English on holiday. They will be the ones that are pastey, looking like ghosts. Us Brits don’t see the sun much, so when we do we are like moths to a flame. Rushing to throw our towels on the sun beds by the pool (this annoys me). You’ll see all the dads, rushing, shoving to the pool to get the best seats. It’s like a fight to the death! You can also tells us Brits apart by the crowd as we are the ones that are as red as a lobster – Please feel sorry and pray for us poor souls. It takes us ages to tan! Our bodies aren’t used to the sun. I think of us as the vampires of the world. No sun. Only dark clouds. – So sad.

The holiday blues. This kicks in usually about an hour after you set foot on English soil. It’s back to normality. No sun, all gloomy, everyone moody/miserable. Yup. It sucks. Not to mention that your tan disappears almost instantly. It’s like your skin goes ‘Ahh back to our homeland, time to become a pastey vampire again’ … It melts away. It’s like our bodies don’t want us to look like Egyptian gods/goddesses! You forget that you have these things call jobs on holiday. You have to start doing things again. Going back to thousands of emails to sort through. Going back to the place that you so wanted to escape from on holiday. Knowing that your going to be working all the way up till Christmas. Depressing.

Even though your tan fades my friends, your memory of the holiday won’t! – Live while your young!

Much Love,

The Insider x