The Dating Scene

Let's kick start with this .. I'm back on the dating scene. Shock, horror, I know! - Such a scary thought for many of us. I never thought Id say that again. Yet here I am 23 and back into the sea of dating. You know, finding your lobster really isn't easy! (okay if any... Continue Reading →

The Pasty Ones..

I love being on holiday (as I'm sure we all do). The sea, the sun and sand. All of it. Although, it can be very expensive - Totally worth it though! I always go for half board when I go away. It's so much cheaper! You get unlimited breakfast (so you can stuff your face),... Continue Reading →

The Unco-ordinated

So, my travels around London came to an end as quickly as they started. I am really lucky to live somewhere that is so accessible to the beautiful city of London. I seriously don't think I'd be able to live in London but, its great to come and go like I can. Now as you... Continue Reading →

17 & Driving…

Insiders, my youngest sister is now driving. Do you have any idea how scary this thought is? - She's only been 17 for 4 months and she already passed her test and out driving around. I just feel like screaming at the top of my voice 'OMG everyone stay off the roads!'. She incredibly young... Continue Reading →

But first COFFEE!

I know I've been a little quiet on the blog Insiders (miss me?) - Only joking! I've been VERY VERY BUSY! How do people do this?! This is my first early shift in months. And I have to say .... ITS KILLING ME! - Why on earth would people like having early shifts?! I would... Continue Reading →

My Office Husband/Wifey

Insiders, as you all know I'm very very happy in my relationship with my handsome boyfriend of 4 years. However, I work with load of amazing guys and girls. I'm very lucky, I'm able to get along with the majority of the people at work. I'm very easy-going and as long as you're not having... Continue Reading →


You know, guys really don't seem to appreciate the time amount of time and effort it takes girls together ready in the morning. I mean ladies, I don't know about you but if I want to look good on a normal day (not a night out), it can still take me around 20-40 minutes just... Continue Reading →

What Do I Really Do?

I guess some people actually wonder what it is bloggers do all day. Some lucky lucky people actually have blogging as their job. Others have it for informational purposes. Me, I have it for an outlet, it helps me to relax (weird I know). Most people would be thinking that surely blogging is hard? You... Continue Reading →

… Part 2!

'Well, my friend basically was like that. Well not falling over her ears, of course, however she tried to be all graceful and ...' She gracefully hit her head on the window and fell straight at the feet of the guys. I couldn't help but laugh. - I'm one of those people who will initially... Continue Reading →

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