Mini Successes

So, since November I've been on this health surge. No don't worry, I'm not turning into some fitness freak because come on, that's just not me and I enjoy food way too much for that. I've cut out all the takeaways, no longer drinking alcohol (yes this is stupidly hard), walking most evenings. Honestly it's... Continue Reading →

The Dating Scene

Let's kick start with this .. I'm back on the dating scene. Shock, horror, I know! - Such a scary thought for many of us. I never thought Id say that again. Yet here I am 23 and back into the sea of dating. You know, finding your lobster really isn't easy! (okay if any... Continue Reading →

The Pasty Ones..

I love being on holiday (as I'm sure we all do). The sea, the sun and sand. All of it. Although, it can be very expensive - Totally worth it though! I always go for half board when I go away. It's so much cheaper! You get unlimited breakfast (so you can stuff your face),... Continue Reading →

The Unco-ordinated

So, my travels around London came to an end as quickly as they started. I am really lucky to live somewhere that is so accessible to the beautiful city of London. I seriously don't think I'd be able to live in London but, its great to come and go like I can. Now as you... Continue Reading →

17 & Driving…

Insiders, my youngest sister is now driving. Do you have any idea how scary this thought is? - She's only been 17 for 4 months and she already passed her test and out driving around. I just feel like screaming at the top of my voice 'OMG everyone stay off the roads!'. She incredibly young... Continue Reading →

But first COFFEE!

I know I've been a little quiet on the blog Insiders (miss me?) - Only joking! I've been VERY VERY BUSY! How do people do this?! This is my first early shift in months. And I have to say .... ITS KILLING ME! - Why on earth would people like having early shifts?! I would... Continue Reading →

My Office Husband/Wifey

Insiders, as you all know I'm very very happy in my relationship with my handsome boyfriend of 4 years. However, I work with load of amazing guys and girls. I'm very lucky, I'm able to get along with the majority of the people at work. I'm very easy-going and as long as you're not having... Continue Reading →


You know, guys really don't seem to appreciate the time amount of time and effort it takes girls together ready in the morning. I mean ladies, I don't know about you but if I want to look good on a normal day (not a night out), it can still take me around 20-40 minutes just... Continue Reading →

What Do I Really Do?

I guess some people actually wonder what it is bloggers do all day. Some lucky lucky people actually have blogging as their job. Others have it for informational purposes. Me, I have it for an outlet, it helps me to relax (weird I know). Most people would be thinking that surely blogging is hard? You... Continue Reading →

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