If you could have a super power, what one would you have?!

You know Insiders, I have always had this question in my head. I have never been able to distinctively say which superpower I would like. There is just way too many to pick from!

  • Invisibility
  • Flying
  • Super Human Strength
  • Breathing Under Water
  • Mind Control

I just wouldn’t know what to pick. These are clearly the common ones however then you need to take into consideration the elements as well. – Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

I remember at one stage of my life, I would’ve loved to have the power of invisibility. Mainly because I wished that no one could see me. I just wanted to blend in and wanted no one to see my face, my body or even the person that I was.

Another stage of my life, I would’ve loved to have mind control, so I could control the way people thought about me. To be able to understand or know exactly what others thought about me. Although, the thought of this now, terrifies me. I mean, come on who would wan to know the truth about what others thought about you. Could end up being super harsh and hurtful.

I would’ve loved to fly at one point as well. Especially, when I had just passed my driving test and needing to drive to work every day. I HATE traffic. I love driving fast and obviously in 9-5 traffic this is completely out of the question. I have an amazing car that isn’t rather nippy and I’m not able to use it. – FRUSTRATING. Crawling to work at 20mph isn’t the best thing. Imagine being able to fly. Fly as high as the sky. Up there with the planes and the birds feeling completely free. – This all sounds amazing, until I came to the realisation that I’m afraid of heights.

I’m sure that we all remember those walks to school as a child. Insiders, you know the ones. The ones in the winter, when it’s so cold your nose is red raw, your finger tips numb with frost bite. When it was so cold you could see your breath when you blew out. I’m sure I’m not the only one, that thought I had the super power of Ice. I used to think I was some kind of Ice Princess and that my powers were just growing. – How silly! I would exhale and think that i was going to freeze someone. i mean come on i get  a 10/10 for imagination.

I have finally settled with my superpower. – I MAKE PROSECCO DISAPPEAR.

No word of a lie. I’m magic, I make it completely disappear. How amazing is that? – I end up being able to gear the prosecco talking to me once its gone.

Anyway, Insiders, I can hear it calling me now!

Have an AMAZING saturday evening!

Much Love,

The Insider x


Stay Out..

I was sitting in my kitchen today, looking out of the long glass windows. It’s so peaceful. Then movement catches my eye. It’s the next door neighbours cat.

Now I love animals. All animals. However my mum is having a massive war with the cats. My mum is a keen gardener and so is my step dad. They are always out in the garden, looking after all of the plants and grass. My step dad will be out there rain or shine cutting the grass. My mum will also be out there on her hands and knees pruning the flower beds.

We have never had a problem with cats in the garden, until recently. They have taken a liking to pooing in the garden. Yes, pooing. – I think its hilarious. My mum doesn’t. ‘They are pooing everywhere! Why don’t they poo in their own garden’ my mum would say.

Honestly they would poo in every inch of the garden. It’s a little disgusting, considering cats usually bury their poo, these ones don’t. They literally just poo smack bang in the middle of the grass and run off.

My mum was getting to her breaking point. One day when I got home from work, I could hear this amazingly high-pitched siren. I shouted through the door, ‘mum! Whats that bloody sound?’ – She looked up at me smiling away, ‘How can you hear that? Its to keep the cats away! – They don’t like the sound of the high-pitched sound’. ‘Of course I can hear it! It’s stupidly loud!’

She walked out into the garden and started putting these little devices within the flower beds. Walking back into the house with a smile on her face, she said ‘That will keep the cats out of the garden’ – It’s as though she is at war with these little kittens from next door. It made me think of Tom and Jerry. You know, Tom would always be trying and scheming to capture Jerry and Jerry would always be out-smarting Tom. Its kinda like that. My mum being Tom and the kittens being Jerry.

However I think my mum has had the last laugh now. Not only had she put these weird sirens out in the garden that are so high-pitched the cats can hear them. She had also read on the internet that if you put cocktail sticks in the flower beds as well it stops the cats from pooing as well. – I must admit this actually made me howl with laughter. ‘Are you trying to hurt these cats?’ I said to my mum. Her response was ‘No, it’s just to stop them from pooing in the garden! – It won’t hurt them it’ll only prick them’. It’s the most funniest thing I’ve ever heard. – I feel sorry for the cats if they try and sit down for a poo.

Mum 1 – Cats 0.

Watching out the window today has confirmed that the cats won’t come off the fence. They stay high and off the grass. They seem to just retreat back to their own house.

It’s SO funny. – Whats your opinion of Cats?

Much Love,

The Insider x

Last Night

Last night was weird to me. My boyfriend was at his work party, my parents out with their friends. I was at home, in bed by 8 o’clock.

This is usually the other way round. I’m usually up, partying all night with my bestie and friends. It actually felt like a parallel universe! I dropped my boyfriend off at this lovely little pub that we know well. Now I must say, he looked drop dead gorgeous! He was wearing this amazing navy blue suit, with a black tie and shoes. Not to mentioned he had his hair all slicked back and smelt amazing! He was wearing his new favourite man spray – Dior Savage. My mouth hit the floor and a little worry sparked in my stomach. He just looked so amazing. I joked with him saying he’s going to have to beat the girls off him. – He agreed with this statement (big head).

My parents, well they have started to get close to all of our neighbours, they have always been really friendly and they are all around the same age. We live in a mini cul-de-sac. – 5 houses are in this cul-de-sac and they all go out once every other month. Basically they all go out and get p***ed together. Leaving the children at home and going out and having fun. You know, some people my age would have a problem with their parents going out and getting drunk, however I don’t. I think its good for them. Think about it, for 18+ years your mum and dad have looked after you, had to spend nights at home, say no to parties, drive you back and forth to places. Now that I’m older I think they deserve to have fun!

Me on the other hand, I went back to my boyfriend’s house, grabbed a glass of wine, went to his room, put a face mask on, netflicks and started watching Disney films. Yes I’m in my 20s and YES I watch Disney films. – If you don’t we cannot be friends and I’m disowning you as an Insider. It actually felt lovely, spending time on my own. Just relaxing, eating chocolate, drinking wine and having me time. However, I must say I did one of those stupid nose strip things. OUCH! It hurt! But my nose did feel like a babies bum after! I had all the candles on in the room as well. Nice and calm!

My boyfriend came staggering in at like 1:30am. This was considerably early if im honest. I thought that he was going to be much later than that. He could still string along a sentence, could kind of walk in a line, wasnt sick. I classed this as a success. Until this morning, when he woke up. He suffered with a rather big headache. Now I would say im a good girlfriend, but when people are ill from a night out, I don’t give much sympathy – Its self-inflicted! However, I did look after him, got him water, got him painkillers, gave him cuddles. – Bless him! (he didn’t get out of bed until 3pm today!) – CRAZY.

Anyway Insiders, always take time out for yourself. I think its important. More important than we realise.

Have a lovely sunday evening Insiders!

Much Love,

The Insider x

Hair Dye

Hey there my lovely Insiders!

I was sitting around my room the other day and was thinking that I wanted a change. (This is never a good thing – I’m so unpredictable). What I decided to do, out of the blue is dye my hair. Whenever I say this my boyfriend rolls his eyes and says ‘Are you sure you want to do this? – Everytime you go back to brown you hate it and book in with your hairdresser and pay hundreds of pounds to go back to blonde’ – Blah Blah Blah.

Im the type of person that once I have something in my head, nothing will stop me from doing it. – Im such a strong minded person haha. I walked straight into Boots with this idea in mind. I went striding in, ready to get my normal brand and colour. To my amazement they didn’t have any. My heart sank a little. I really wanted to change my hair. Gutted I started to look at the other brands to see if any of them looked as good or if I could remember using any of the others before. I came across a fairly known hair dye brand and thought that I would give it a go. I always buy 2. Any girl that box dyes her hair knows that you always need a 2nd box just in case. You don’t want to get half way through and realise that because your hair is so long you’ve ran out or heaven forbid you miss patches of your hair! ALWAYS BUY A SECOND BOX!

Anyway I had ombre hair. I had bleach blonde hair on my tips and mousey brown roots. It looked rather nice and considering it cost me around £110 I liked it. However I really wanted a change. I picked up 2 boxes of dark/black hair dye and started to dye my hair. My poor boyfriend, I make him help me. I can’t do the back of my hair and I’m forever scared that I’ll miss pieces. He will be standing pouring the colour onto my head and also helping me section my hair to get the best coverage! – BEST BOYFRIEND EVER! – Top browny points!

He does always moan at me though. Whenever I dye my hair, its never done smoothly or carefully. I always seem to make the biggest mess ever. Honestly, it will get all over the floor, the walls, the table, the mirror, the sink, my clothes and not to mention all over my face/shoulders/arms. It looks like a bomb of hair dye had exploded! – He always drags me into the bathroom now because I’ve managed to get hair dye on his floor a couple of times… Oops!

The first box did a very good job especially as I haven’t used this brand before! Impressed I washed out the colour and dried my hair. I went to sleep feeling fabulous!

I woke up the next morning and started getting ready for work. As I sat down at my desk prepping my face I could see light brown strips though my hair. In complete shock, I scrambled to get my brush and started pulling at my hair. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had missed chunks of my hair. – Mentally I was screaming inside. I had to go to work with patchy hair. I immediately woke my boyfriend up in a panic asking him if he could notice it. He couldn’t but I could. I felt so self conscious about it. I was walking around work with my hair up hoping that people wouldn’t be able to see the patches. – I felt so relieved that the only comments I got was ‘OMG, I love your hair’ ‘Your hair looks amazing dark’ – I was so happy!

I got home that night and got the second box I had on my table and reapplied another colour on top. This time I made sure that I didn’t miss a single layer of hair.

Insiders, if you dye your hair please remember to have at least another box of hair dye on standby just incase you have any issues the first time round. You don’t want to have a bad hair day like me.

Much Love,

The Insider x


The Birmingham Adventure Part 2

Back again Insiders! – Part 2.

So we stupidly got into a taxi with 2 guys (which I have already been told off for by my mum) – rightly so. However we are alive and they weren’t murderers. They were actually lovely guys. We actually stayed with them for the rest of the night. We ended up on broad street. For all of you that know the area,  this is known as the highlight area for clubbing, drinking, bars everything. You literally walk up and down one road that has all the bars and clubs you could ever want. Ranging from RnB, Rock, Pop, Old School everything!

The most annoying this is that people randomly come up to you trying to get you into their bar or club. ‘Free shots’ ‘£1 shots’ ‘Half price entry’ ‘wrist bands here’ – Literally its lie you’ve never been so wanted in your life! We randomly picked a bar said that there was £1 shots, so as my bestie loves shots we headed in. I love my bestie, the best way to get to know new people is to do tequila shots with them. Breaks the ice every time! My besties starts off the round, I then followed ordering more shots. These poor guys had no idea what they were getting themselves in for. However they kept up pretty good and took all the shots we gave them. – Fair play. We turned round to see that this bar/club place was dead. I love places that are packed, as no one is really paying attention to you. This was not like that at all.

We decided to leave. Heading up the road we got approached by one of promoters for a club. My bestie has been out in Birmingham before and jumped and squealed! She knew the club that was being promoted. She was really raving about it and so we got our wrist bands and continued to walk up the street. We got chatting to these guys and found out that they are rather well-educated and rather decent jobs – Lucky.

Finally reaching the club at around 2:00am, people had been queuing up and there was loads of security. Now from where I’m from we don’t have any clubs that have body searches, metal detectors, facial recognition and security. I looked at my friend and was like, what kind of place is this? – I was thinking the worst, obviously thinking people had been stabbed, killed, seriously injured – However my bestie said ‘Nope, it’s just so big here they need to keep check of who is in the cub’ … Hmm. we all got through OK (obviously as non of us are killers or had any sharp objects). I now understood what my bestie meant. This place was big. Like Big as in a House Of Fraser/Debenhams BIG. There was more than one club in the building.

You could walk into one room and have old school music – Mcfly, High School Musical, Busted that kind of thing then go into another room which is RnB! I must admit I was pretty amazed. In all honesty all of us seemed to like the old music room better. I mean it must have been like we were trying to re-live are youth or something! That’s how it felt anyway. – Needless to say we all got along, dancing away drinking, singing and everything! It must have been around 4pm when security started to move people out of the club.

We shared a taxi back to the hotel and said bye to our new friends and we went are separate ways. – Insiders, I am going to express how safe you need to be when on a night out. I know it may seem that overtime I’m out with my bestie that we meet new people and she taxis with completed strangers, but please please please remember that you shouldn’t do this. Yes these guys were nice, but one day they might not be. Its stupid decisions the me and my bestie make – Please don’t follow in our footsteps. STAY SAFE.

The guys that we met actually made mine and my besties night. Absolutely great lads that cheered us up when we were having such a sh** start to the night.

Anyway as you can imagine getting back at 4:30am was a killer, especially when we had planned to go shopping all day on the Saturday. HUNGOVER – Understatement. Retail therapy was much-needed. Didn’t quiet cure the headache though.

Remember Insiders, on a night out stay safe, you don’t know what idiots are out there.

Much Love,

The Insider x

Keyboard Warriors 

You can tell a lot about the age of someone by the way that they text. Like the younger generation are able to text with just there thumbs and without looking at the keyboard. Whilst my parents generation will hold the phone like 15cm away from their face and type with their index finger. – Hilarious! It’s hilarious when you see someone writing a text with their index finger! It’s just not natural at all! I mean come on, surely a thumb is easier to type with?

I hate auto text! This can be such a vital sign to see how old someone is. Like when your phone automatically corrects things and people write back saying ‘what does that mean’ – This clearly means that they’re the older generation! Like ‘ducking’ this is a common automatic iPhone correction – If you don’t know what this means, then sorry your too old to have an iphone! – Only joking!

In todays society you can’t live without a phone. Its iPhone this, Samsung that. Honestly its crazy! I can’t imagine being without a phone. I see loads of kids nowadays that are 8-10 years old and have the newest phones out. I think thats stupid! I was lucky if I was to get a nokia 360.- You know that big thick brick looking thing? With buttons for numbers, it gave tour thumbs an amazing work out! You had to click onr button to get the right letter! Those were the days… Now this was a phone that you could run over with a truck and it wouldn’t break. I promise, I have tried to break this kind of phone and I believe that it is indestructible!

My sister is 10 she has an iPhone 6 plus. I mean how does this phone even fit in her tiny hand?! What does a 10 year old need with a phone like that? – Ever heard of keeping up with the jones? I think this is what happens when kids go to school. They always need the bigger better gadgets. – Its sad I think… I used to go out and climb trees with my friends, I wasn’t glued to a phone, TV or computer. However, as I’ve grow up and moved into adulthood, I do seem to be glued to my phone more and more. 

As good as phones are in today’s world, they cause major problems. I mean I’m sure you’ve all heard of Jeremy Kyle. Like JK  is always saying that he hates Facebook as people are always ‘trashing’ each other on it. I believe that phones enable bullies to come alive. Making the world of phones and social media unbareable at times. Back in my day they were called keyboard warriors. They would completely rip you to shreds over the internet or text, however when met face to face with you wouldn’t say a thing. – People are always saying we have the best safety systems in the world to protect users against abuse. RUBBISH. The internet that we can all access on phones, is growing and making life for many unbareable. All the bullying and cyber crime. Scary! 

However there is perks to having phones, and the internet always available. Like when I want to prove my boyfriend wrong. All I have to do is bring google into the argument and I’ve won! Haha only joking but honestly the internet has helped millions of people connect and share stories around the world. Helping fundraise for charities, reuniting families that have lost contact. – There are the amazing powers that’s the internet has. Espically when you have a phone that enables you to have all of this at your fingertips! 

Anyway, my keyboard warriors – 

Much Love, 

The Insider x