A whole new world... Tale as old as time... Part of your world.. If you didn't sing those words in some way shape or form ... are you even human? The above are all the main titles to the most iconic Disney Princess songs. Honestly, I can proudly hold my hands up and say I... Continue Reading →

Big Yourself Up

So, I was at work today (like a normal person would be on a Monday), and I went to see one of my friends. He's one of those friends that like to teach me about life.. I mean he's very close to hitting the BIG 40, so I guess he's kinda qualified to teach me... Continue Reading →


Insiders, we all have a 'him' or 'her' in our lives. The guy or girl who is constantly on our minds. The one that we try so desperately to forget however no matter how hard we try or how long its been he or she is still there. I know, I've only been single for... Continue Reading →

Angel Eyes

Insiders, I absolutely love this song! As you may have seen the new Mamma Mia film hit the cinemas not long ago. I lOVE ABBA. Especially the song angel eyes. It speaks to me. To me music can speak to people in many different ways. The way I see this song for example may be... Continue Reading →

It’s never easy…

Breaking up is never easy. Honestly Insiders, I don't care what people say, breaking up really isn't easy. Especially when there isn't anything you can do. I know that in my scenario, I feel like my heart is being cut into a million pieces. Like it's being completely demolished. Sometimes when I'm alone, I think... Continue Reading →

Spain 💕

Well Insiders, I've been off work and off communication for around a month. Many many reasons for this.. The last 2 weeks I've been in holiday with my parents. The most relaxing holiday I think I have ever had. 10 days in the gorgeous Spain. I know, I know what a cliche for an Englishman... Continue Reading →


I'm going to talk about a new programme that I've watched recently. I've put off watching a programme for some time now. The reason why I've done this is because I've been told it's really good however emotional. 13 Reasons Why. This programme has been highly talked about in my peer group and also on... Continue Reading →

Miss Me?

Hey there Insiders, I know, I know, where have I been? - If Im being completely honest I don't know how I can answer that question. In the last few months there has been radio silence from me, I have been going through a wave of emotions. I have become single in the last few... Continue Reading →


Evening Insiders, I feel as though I'm sinking ... again. Its horrible. I've been on top of the world for sooo long, it was only a matter of time that I would fall. I've got a promotion at work, I've got an amazing family, good friends however I feel more alone than ever. I've made... Continue Reading →

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