What Is Perfection?

You know I think that too many people worry about how they look. To me I think that we should all just be happy with the way we look. I however know all too well that the way that we look means a great deal.

In today’s generation, it is all about how we look to others. Every girl wanting the slimmer body, the perfect hair, big bum. Whilst boys are wanting the bigger shoulders, toned legs. I understand why this happens. Magazines, TV, social media anything that has any influence in people’s lives today show that everyone wants and strives for the perfect body.

I want to challenge this. How can we define the words perfect body? surely that’s down to the individuals? For example, I know that my boyfriend loves that I have a little chub, it’s what makes me sexy he says. having curves in all the right places. I don’t deem this as being sexy. I deem having a tiny waist, big bum, long hair, toned body all around.

BODY CONFIDENCE – I can honestly say that I don’t know anyone that has confidence in their body. everyone has something that they don’t like about themselves and its a load of cr**! – I myself have a huge issue with the way I look however I know that there are parts of my image that people like, whether I like them or not.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Tess Holiday. Shes actually such a beautiful lady and honestly speaks so much truth. For me she’s a great role model and promotes body confidence. I don’t care that she’s bigger than others, I care about whats she’s trying to accomplish and inspire others to be able to do. By loving herself she is enabling and helping people love themselves too. I follow her on Instagram, and I must say she is fabulous! – She has the most amazing hair! She has so many lovers (I call them lovers, they are people who love her and think she’s amazing) but also in the lime light also brings its haters (evil people!). The way she shoots the haters down is amazing, its like whatever they ay rolls off her back. I wish I could do that! – Anyway needless to say, I think she’s FABULOUS. Read More


4 Years!

Well Insiders,

I don’t know how my boyfriend has done it. However we have reached the bench mark of 4 years! How AMAZING is that?! Its crazy! It really doesn’t feel as though its been as long as that! – I guess thats a good thing.

Im sure I’ve mentioned previously that we’ve been best friends for like 8 years now. Half of that time we have been together! I can honestly say that I don’t know what I would do without him in my life. He’s always been there for me, especially now that I’m going through all this emotional sh**. He’s not been scared off at all, when most would. He’s an amazing human being.

Our anniversary is smack bang in the middle of January. This is a little annoying as we have just had Christmas and our employer pays early in December for late Christmas shopping. This is great but means everyone is living on rations for the rest of the month until January pay day. SO LONG. Anyway, with our anniversary being in the middle of January it means that we decide to have a lovely, cozy day/night in.

This year was by far the best anniversary for me. – No, no ring Insiders, I bet thats what all of you were thinking, but nope, not yet! You’ll all be the first to know when that happens! I’ll tell you what though! It’s super annoying when people ask how long me and my boyfriend have been together and everyone says ‘Ooh, no ring yet?!’ – I just want to scream in their faces, ‘NO and it doesn’t matter! A ring doesn’t mean he loves me any less! – Not to mention we are only just into our 20s!’. Its crazy how so many people think its important to have a ring to just symbolise their love. Im definitely not against marriage or anything like that – I’d be thrilled however, I think its rude saying that kind of thing to others when you don’t know what their situation is or if they are even ready.. 

Anyway… Mini rant over…

We had both booked the day off work and had the whole day together watching Disney films. I made him breakfast, which wasn’t a total disaster. The fire alarm went off but other than that it went off without a hitch! – We then retired to the snug and watched LOADS of Disney films, with chocolates/sweets. I know, I know, how old are we? I believe that your never to old for Disney! No matter how old you are, you’ll always be able to be cheered up by a Disney/Pixar film. – If you don’t agree, you can bibbidi bobbidi back hell off my blog (just kidding or am I….?!). He then went to make dinner – My favourite! Sausage, mash and beans. YUM!! – this wasn’t a romantic dinner, as it did get crashed by my mum and dad. THANKS GUYS! (not). 

We both agreed on no presents this year as we were both struggling for money after Christmas. All we said was cards. I’m not going to lie, cards are my favourite part of any celebration. My boyfriend is the soppiest person in the world and writes the most amazing things to me. All about how much he loves me. To me, this means more than any present as he has spent time to think and write lovely things to me. – Such a CUTIE!

Gosh I LOVE HIM. – I’d be so lost without him.

Much Love,

The Insider x 

Christmas Time

Here it is again! Christmas. The most family orientated  time of the year. – I LOVE IT. Christmas is the best time of the year for me. I get to see all of my family all in one got.

My mum and dad do an amazing job every year. They have to cook for 14 people! Our whole family comes over to ours as we have the biggest space for everyone. My Nan, granddad, cousins, aunts, uncles, partners everyone! It’s the most amazing time ever.

My cousin, she’s like my sister. She’s the most amazing person I’ve ever me and I look up to her. I don’t get to see her often as she lives with her husband around 45 minutes away and is always working and socializing. So when Christmas comes its amazing, its like we have a whole year to catch up on.

My aunt, I used to spend a lot of time with her. My mum was a full-time mum and my aunt used to help out and have me stay over in the week. Really fond memories. We would have an amazing dinner, bath, books, TV and then for supper my aunt made me bacon sandwiches with the crusts cut off. We would curl up on the sofa together in our pj’s watching TV. She would make me warm milk and read a story for me before I went to bed. In the mornings, she would make me beans in a bowl with buttered bread (with the crusts cut off). This always makes me smile and whenever I can’t see my boyfriend makes me warm milk to help me drift off.

My uncle would then take me to school. His job entailed him being a postman. he used to have a HUGE red van. I throughly believed that he was postman pat. I remember he even had a toy black and white cat hidden in the back of the van so I would continue to believe he was postman pat. He would always be asking me to look out for the cat in back.

My Nan always used to spoil me with chocolate. My memory of my Nan would always be giving me chocolate. Malteasers was her favourite chocolate to give me. My granddad, he Is a very funny man. Very small, grey haired man. He is a brilliant man who always makes me laugh, before he would leave my house, he would reach into his wallet and give me a £10 or £20 note and tell me to treat myself with the pocket-money.

All these memories come back to me at Christmas. It makes me look forward to seeing all of these people who have  impacted my life. I don’t see these family members as much anymore, times change and people’s lives change. So when Christmas comes along I look forward to having all of them under one roof and to have the huge catch ups that are very much-needed. Not to mention the drinking that comes along with Christmas. – My family REALLY knows how to drink that’s for sure.

Its definitely a hectic day! Christmas Eve, Christmas morning im round my boyfriend’s house with his family. – His dad makes the best turkey bacon ever! That’s what the house wakes up too on Christmas morning! We all stuff our faces with turkey bacon for breakfast! – I LOVE IT! The late morning, I will get ready and head over to my house. See my mum and dad, give Christmas presents. Then my whole family starts to descend on the house. we all have laughs, drinks, presents, then the food. It’s a huge banquet that my mum and dad have prepared all morning. The turkey, vegetables, Yorkshire’s, gravy, champagne! Everyone has a food baby or a food coma afterwards. Around 7ish my boyfriend will come over and start play cards with the men and me, mum, my aunt and cousin will be in the lounge chatting away (gossiping).

Christmas is a time, for us all to grab the ones closest to us and tell them how much we love them. It’s a time in which we all need to appreciate what we have and who we have in our lives. Some people will still be in our lives, others wont be. However hard it may be, Christmas is for joy and to celebrate.


Much Love,

The Insider x

What Would I Do If I Won The Lottery

If I won the lottery, I think I would be the happiest person in the world.

I would definitely go part time. I don’t think that I could stop working altogether – My brain would go to mush and Insiders I can’t have that happen, can I? So part time, still gets a small income and I’ll still have the time to spend my money and have fun! I wouldn’t tell anyone though. People would just pretend to be your friends to get what they want. – Definitely a downside!

I would buy a house, you know something modest, nothing too big. Maybe 4 bedrooms. A big garden, lovely marble floors and table tops in a big kitchen, breathtaking glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. High ceilings, windows reaching the ceiling to the floor – To let the light in. Big super king beds in all the rooms, amazing sauna/waterfall showers attached to the master bedroom. – Gosh. I would like to live in something like that.

I would buy 2 French bulldogs! Omg, Insiders my love for them is unconditional. I love them. I mean LOOOVE them! To make my boyfriend happy I think I would also have to get a Golden Retriever. The dogs that I would have, would be the most pampered dogs in the universe! All the pretty outfits, constant grooming, millions of walks, chew toys, treats, everything!

I would be jetting off here, there and everywhere. I would travel as much as I could. New York, Hong Kong, Australia, Maldives, Prague. Places where you can’t usually go as it’s so expensive! – Might as well treat myself and friends and family!

All joking aside, I would absolutely pay off my parents mortgage, I would pay my boyfriends parents mortgage, I would send them on a months holiday to relax and do whatever they wanted. Anything. I would do anything for them with my winnings.

I think winning the lottery has many things that we all want and many things that we need but at the end of the day Insiders, I think it’s SO important to give back to others. I would give as much as I could to as many different charities.

What would you do?!

Much Love,

The Insider x

Friend Zoned! – Help!

Dear Insider,

I’ve been in love with my best friend for 2 years. However, it’s the typical cliché, she’s friend zoned me!

Any suggestions to win her over?



Hey Micheal!

Me and my current boyfriend have been best friends for 8 years, and have been together for 4. So the other half we were just so close it was unreal.

It had felt like I had friend-zoned him, and he had friend-zoned me, we never seem to catch a break. I was always in a relationship, and he was always in a relationship, it just SUCKED!

Don’t worry though, being friend-zoned doesn’t mean you’re out of the game! It actually means you’re an Insider. Being best friends means they trust you, they open up to you. You’re their Go-To-Guy! This gives you an advantage. Use your Inside knowledge as a guide to get you ahead. You know what makes her happy, you know her interests, you know her likes and dislikes so use this information.

The best boyfriends are often the ones they’re most closest to BUT may need help realising! My advice, is to keep being her best friend but also through in a romantic gesture every now and again (or just tell her!) – Sometimes girls need help realising whats in front of them. 

Much love

The Insider x

My Bestfriend Is Being Cheated On.

Dear Insider,

Please HELP me. I’ve recently found out that my best friends boyfriend has been cheating on her for around 6 months now. I found out, when I was out partying in Leeds a few weeks ago. I’ve done some digging and found out that the girl that he has been cheating with, is someone who my bestfriend believes to be his cousin! I don’t want to hurt my best friend and really don’t know how to bring it up. – Should I tell her or let her find out by herself? I’m scared that she will be upset and mad at me for being the bearer of bad news. – I’m so torn, please help. (I really don’t want her to hate me).

Joanna x


Hi Joanna, 

WOW. I read this one and my jaw actually hit the floor. Honestly this guy sounds like a right sleezeball. If you and your bestie are like me and mine, then you need to tell her whats going on. By standing back and letting it carry on, in a way is turning a blind eye to it. – You don’t want your bestfriend to be hurt – I understand that. However, she will be more hurt in the long run if you haven’t told her up-front. Just imagine her finding out from someone else and her finding out you knew. – Awkward! (It would make everything 10x worse, trust me). 

Yes, she will be upset/mad at first but in the long run she will thank you for telling her. If you don’t she will be wasting her time for months maybe even years with a guy that is truly messing her around. No on deserves that. There is no way that she can hate you for being honest. Honesty is the best policy! – Get her over to yours, make her a coffee (or a glass of wine will work), and just tell her. It’ll feel like ripping off a plaster, it hurts at first but it heals. – Just look after her.

You’ll just need to be there for her as much as you can. It’s going to be hard for her to hear and understand at first but when she overcomes the shock, this is when she is going to need you the most. – I’m sure we all know that being cheated on is no laughing matter and really hurts. 

I hope your bestie will be ok! – With a bestfriend like you, I know she’ll get through it! 

Much Love, 

The Insider x