Big Yourself Up

So, I was at work today (like a normal person would be on a Monday), and I went to see one of my friends. He's one of those friends that like to teach me about life.. I mean he's very close to hitting the BIG 40, so I guess he's kinda qualified to teach me... Continue Reading →

The Turning Point.

This has taken a while for me to write... and its a little long.. so I apologise. One Saturday, I went to a theme park. The place all children, teenagers, young adults have fun. I was so excited to go with my girls. I mean these girls are my oldest of friends and I love... Continue Reading →

You Got This..!

I'm 22 years old and I deal with depression and anxiety. It’s not a very nice thing to have to deal with at that age (for at any age for that matter). Depression isn’t a word or even a subject that I like to talk about much. Depression is something that I had held in... Continue Reading →

It’s Just A Bad Day.

Insiders, I have had the worst week. I mean, saying it was the week is a little bit of a lie. Tuesday was bad. Recently I've been doing really well with staying positive and happy. I've been doing really well with work I've been happy within myself, just everything has been great. I went into... Continue Reading →

The Girl..

Perfect. Friendly. Happy. Bubbly. Skinny. Beautiful. - Insiders I know a girl just like this. (no I'm not talking about me). The type of girl who everyone wants to be. The one that everyone loves, the one that everyone is jealous of. The perfect flat stomach, the perky boobs, the lifted bum. The smile that... Continue Reading →

It’s never easy…

Breaking up is never easy. Honestly Insiders, I don't care what people say, breaking up really isn't easy. Especially when there isn't anything you can do. I know that in my scenario, I feel like my heart is being cut into a million pieces. Like it's being completely demolished. Sometimes when I'm alone, I think... Continue Reading →

Spain 💕

Well Insiders, I've been off work and off communication for around a month. Many many reasons for this.. The last 2 weeks I've been in holiday with my parents. The most relaxing holiday I think I have ever had. 10 days in the gorgeous Spain. I know, I know what a cliche for an Englishman... Continue Reading →


I'm going to talk about a new programme that I've watched recently. I've put off watching a programme for some time now. The reason why I've done this is because I've been told it's really good however emotional. 13 Reasons Why. This programme has been highly talked about in my peer group and also on... Continue Reading →

Liar Liar, Pants On Fire.

Insiders I don't know about you but I physically can't stand liars. If you lie to me, it's probably the worst thing you'll ever do to me. I bet I know what your all thinking 'scorned girl' - Some guy has broken her heart by cheating. Well Insiders, if you were thinking this, you couldn't... Continue Reading →

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