Handbags Vs Clothes

I think I’ve mentioned before that I find Shopping a little tedious and sometimes stressful.

I’ve been out shopping with my bestie all day. She’s this gorgeous size 10 with big boobs and flat stomach (jealous!). Whilst I’m a chubby size 18 and lumps and bumps in the wrong places!

She can wear a dish cloth and she’d look fabulous. Whilst me, I look stupid in just a black old Tshirt. I have to look for the bigger sizes which most shops don’t even go up too. I have to look for the flowy, baggy clothes so that none of my chubbiness.

I hate it. I mean, I love going shopping with her. I love seeing her try on all these amazing clothes and tops. I love being able to talk her into treating herself. However, I’ll pick out a few things that I love but they don’t look good at all. I mean, I’ll pick my size, hold my breath in the fitting room. Then – my eyes traveling down my reflection in the mirror. Ok, it looks good on the neck line, flows nicely on my stomach area but it’s all too good to be true. It’s too tight on my arms. Sadly I have rather fatty upper arms.

If it’s not my arms, it’s my waist, if it’s not my waist it’s my boobs. Honestly my body is awful to try and dress. I really hits my confidence. It’s as though, my body lets me down and I end up buying nothing. I can’t explain how low I get.

However handbags. Now handbags never make me feel sad. They never make me feel as though I’m fat or ugly. You can never have too many handbags! There is so many to choose from! Different sizes, different colours, different fabrics. Each and everyone will suit you. You don’t have to worry about them not looking good on you.

So today, I didn’t manage to find any clothes that looked good on me, so I brought a brand new handbag! It’s GORGEOUS! A lovely mustard colour. Ooh I’m trying not to drawl whilst thinking about it.

If I sold my handbag collection I would probably have a deposit for a house! – No word of a lie!

Much Love,

The Insider x


What Would I Do If I Won The Lottery

If I won the lottery, I think I would be the happiest person in the world.

I would definitely go part time. I don’t think that I could stop working altogether – My brain would go to mush and Insiders I can’t have that happen, can I? So part time, still gets a small income and I’ll still have the time to spend my money and have fun! I wouldn’t tell anyone though. People would just pretend to be your friends to get what they want. – Definitely a downside!

I would buy a house, you know something modest, nothing too big. Maybe 4 bedrooms. A big garden, lovely marble floors and table tops in a big kitchen, breathtaking glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. High ceilings, windows reaching the ceiling to the floor – To let the light in. Big super king beds in all the rooms, amazing sauna/waterfall showers attached to the master bedroom. – Gosh. I would like to live in something like that.

I would buy 2 French bulldogs! Omg, Insiders my love for them is unconditional. I love them. I mean LOOOVE them! To make my boyfriend happy I think I would also have to get a Golden Retriever. The dogs that I would have, would be the most pampered dogs in the universe! All the pretty outfits, constant grooming, millions of walks, chew toys, treats, everything!

I would be jetting off here, there and everywhere. I would travel as much as I could. New York, Hong Kong, Australia, Maldives, Prague. Places where you can’t usually go as it’s so expensive! – Might as well treat myself and friends and family!

All joking aside, I would absolutely pay off my parents mortgage, I would pay my boyfriends parents mortgage, I would send them on a months holiday to relax and do whatever they wanted. Anything. I would do anything for them with my winnings.

I think winning the lottery has many things that we all want and many things that we need but at the end of the day Insiders, I think it’s SO important to give back to others. I would give as much as I could to as many different charities.

What would you do?!

Much Love,

The Insider x

The Birmingham Adventure Part 2

Back again Insiders! – Part 2.

So we stupidly got into a taxi with 2 guys (which I have already been told off for by my mum) – rightly so. However we are alive and they weren’t murderers. They were actually lovely guys. We actually stayed with them for the rest of the night. We ended up on broad street. For all of you that know the area,  this is known as the highlight area for clubbing, drinking, bars everything. You literally walk up and down one road that has all the bars and clubs you could ever want. Ranging from RnB, Rock, Pop, Old School everything!

The most annoying this is that people randomly come up to you trying to get you into their bar or club. ‘Free shots’ ‘£1 shots’ ‘Half price entry’ ‘wrist bands here’ – Literally its lie you’ve never been so wanted in your life! We randomly picked a bar said that there was £1 shots, so as my bestie loves shots we headed in. I love my bestie, the best way to get to know new people is to do tequila shots with them. Breaks the ice every time! My besties starts off the round, I then followed ordering more shots. These poor guys had no idea what they were getting themselves in for. However they kept up pretty good and took all the shots we gave them. – Fair play. We turned round to see that this bar/club place was dead. I love places that are packed, as no one is really paying attention to you. This was not like that at all.

We decided to leave. Heading up the road we got approached by one of promoters for a club. My bestie has been out in Birmingham before and jumped and squealed! She knew the club that was being promoted. She was really raving about it and so we got our wrist bands and continued to walk up the street. We got chatting to these guys and found out that they are rather well-educated and rather decent jobs – Lucky.

Finally reaching the club at around 2:00am, people had been queuing up and there was loads of security. Now from where I’m from we don’t have any clubs that have body searches, metal detectors, facial recognition and security. I looked at my friend and was like, what kind of place is this? – I was thinking the worst, obviously thinking people had been stabbed, killed, seriously injured – However my bestie said ‘Nope, it’s just so big here they need to keep check of who is in the cub’ … Hmm. we all got through OK (obviously as non of us are killers or had any sharp objects). I now understood what my bestie meant. This place was big. Like Big as in a House Of Fraser/Debenhams BIG. There was more than one club in the building.

You could walk into one room and have old school music – Mcfly, High School Musical, Busted that kind of thing then go into another room which is RnB! I must admit I was pretty amazed. In all honesty all of us seemed to like the old music room better. I mean it must have been like we were trying to re-live are youth or something! That’s how it felt anyway. – Needless to say we all got along, dancing away drinking, singing and everything! It must have been around 4pm when security started to move people out of the club.

We shared a taxi back to the hotel and said bye to our new friends and we went are separate ways. – Insiders, I am going to express how safe you need to be when on a night out. I know it may seem that overtime I’m out with my bestie that we meet new people and she taxis with completed strangers, but please please please remember that you shouldn’t do this. Yes these guys were nice, but one day they might not be. Its stupid decisions the me and my bestie make – Please don’t follow in our footsteps. STAY SAFE.

The guys that we met actually made mine and my besties night. Absolutely great lads that cheered us up when we were having such a sh** start to the night.

Anyway as you can imagine getting back at 4:30am was a killer, especially when we had planned to go shopping all day on the Saturday. HUNGOVER – Understatement. Retail therapy was much-needed. Didn’t quiet cure the headache though.

Remember Insiders, on a night out stay safe, you don’t know what idiots are out there.

Much Love,

The Insider x

The Insiders Shop

Alright people… This is the first and maybe the only time I will blog about my own shop.

I’m a massive fan of comfy clothes. Nothing feels better than being in your leggings or trackies with a comfy T-Shirt. Soft stretchy fabric is the best feeling ever! However I sometimes find these hard to find. Especially when you want to feel fabulous and comfy all at the same time. If I do say so myself, I have designed the best combination of it all. My T-Shirts tick all of the boxes! I love a V-Neck. I’m on the big boob side and need to show a little cleavage, if I wear a rounded neck top it looks like my boobs are sagging down to my belly (its ridiculous!). However, I know/understand that not everyone likes V-necks so I have made a baseball T-Shirt that is super stylish! Take a look below at some of the photos of the T-Shirts. – FYI these aren’t the only colours. They come in a number of different sizes and colours. –

www.etsy.com/uk/shop/IXTheInsider or www.tictail.com/ixtheinsider



I’ve had some amazing feedback from customers about the jumpers that I have made. I have to say my favourite pieces in m shop are my sweatshirts. Amazingly comfy, baggy sweatshirts, in grey and also black. They are something that I love to snuggle up in and relax. Especially coming up to winter they are the best piece of clothing that I’ve maded/brought. Just picture this – Sitting on the sofa, snuggled up in The Insiders Sweatshirt, reading your favourite book with a glass of wine (or tea), the rain rolling down the window with the fire on. Honestly I can’t think of anything better!  –

www.etsy.com/uk/shop/IXTheInsider or www.tictail.com/ixtheinsider



Go and take a look at my wonderful shop either on www.etsy.com/uk/shop/IXTheInsider or www.tictail.com/ixtheinsider

Much Love,

The Insider x



I don’t know about you but I struggle every month to make it to payday. Honestly between you and me, I don’t know why! I have an amazing job and I get a fair amount of money every month. I don’t have bills to pay, I’m stilling living at home (rent free). – Lucky I know! I only have to pay for my car and my phone. I thank my lucky stars that I have the life I do. I just don’t know how I struggle each month! – Ill have around £20 by the last week in the month. Ok, that was a lie. I know exactly were my money goes. I spend all my money on food. Yes food. I waste all my money on food. At the time I will be happy eating my life away, then at the end of the month I realise that I’m literally wearing my money. (Through the pounds that I have put on in the month).

The first day of getting paid is always an amazing feeling! – I love it. It feels like the world is your oyster you can do anything. If you want that pair of shoes you buy those shoes, if you want that handbag you get that handbag. I buy loads of makeup, bags and things that  I don’t actually need. I think that everyone buys things that they don’t need when they get paid. Its like whatever is in my eye line I will buy. – Its like I’m a fabulous princess at the start of the month. Going out having such an amazing social life, doing whatever it is I want. Then throughout the month I start to fizzle out and start thinking and saying the I don’t have enough money, they I’m going to stay in. Blah, Blah, Blah. I turn from this amazing social princess into a toad. Its like the magic washes away, like cinderella at midnight.

Getting paid is a wonderful feeling, however I sometimes think that its sad. Sad that we are all confined by money. Always worrying when the next pay day is. Always worrying if we are able to get promoted to earn more money. Always thinking of new ways to get more money. In todays society, everything revolves around money. Ill hold my hands up, I’m always worrying about money. I’m always wanting the bigger better things in life. However when I take a step back I start to think deeper and realise that money isn’t everything. Yes I understand that we need it. Actually, you know what I think money is more of a want. We want money. I don’t think that we necessarily need it. – I mean, I know we need it for food. However, I know that I could be very happy without it. (I love my handbags, makeup, shoes everything, but I don’t need them to be happy). At the end of the day, I don’t think that any of us need money to be happy. – It helps don’t get me wrong, but there is better more pressing things in life to think about.

Need and want, are very different things.

Much Love,

The Insider x

Pastey Vampires

I love being on holiday (as I’m sure we all do). The sea, the sun and sand. All of it. Although, it can be very expensive – Totally worth it though! I always go for half board when I go away. It’s so much cheaper! You get unlimited breakfast (so you can stuff your face), you don’t need lunch – I don’t eat lunch on holiday anyway, it’s too hot. Not to mention it interferes with my tanning time! Not good. You then have dinner which is usually a buffet (so all you can eat again!). All you’ll need to pay for is the drinks – This however can be just as costly as the whole holiday with the amount I drink.

I’m one of those people that everyone hates when I go on holiday. – Yes I post loads of pictures on all social media sites. Also privately I would send photos to my bestie, saying ‘have fun at work’ … ‘without me’. It would be a picture of me by the pool drinking a beer. – I’m so evil. (I LOVE IT). I hate it when my friends do it to me though.
You can always tell who’s English on holiday. They will be the ones that are pastey, looking like ghosts. Us Brits don’t see the sun much, so when we do we are like moths to a flame. Rushing to throw our towels on the sun beds by the pool (this annoys me). You’ll see all the dads, rushing, shoving to the pool to get the best seats. It’s like a fight to the death! You can also tells us Brits apart by the crowd as we are the ones that are as red as a lobster – Please feel sorry and pray for us poor souls. It takes us ages to tan! Our bodies aren’t used to the sun. I think of us as the vampires of the world. No sun. Only dark clouds. – So sad.

The holiday blues. This kicks in usually about an hour after you set foot on English soil. It’s back to normality. No sun, all gloomy, everyone moody/miserable. Yup. It sucks. Not to mention that your tan disappears almost instantly. It’s like your skin goes ‘Ahh back to our homeland, time to become a pastey vampire again’ … It melts away. It’s like our bodies don’t want us to look like Egyptian gods/goddesses! You forget that you have these things call jobs on holiday. You have to start doing things again. Going back to thousands of emails to sort through. Going back to the place that you so wanted to escape from on holiday. Knowing that your going to be working all the way up till Christmas. Depressing.

Even though your tan fades my friends, your memory of the holiday won’t! – Live while your young!

Much Love,

The Insider x