The Birmingham Adventure Part 1

Ok Insiders! – I know, I know its been a few days since I’ve blogged or even done an Ask The Insider. There is good reason for this. Me and bestie had another adventure. Now this story is very tragic and I’m sure it’ll have most of you in stitches!

I’ll start from the beginning:

Stupidly me and my bestie had worked a 12 hour day on Friday. Yes, I know sad or what? We started at 8am and finished at 8pm. My lovely boyfriend was kind enough to pick us up from work and take us to the train station to head down to Birmingham for a girly weekend. – This girly weekend was much needed! We booked our tickets and off we went.

Fast-forwarding to when we got to Birmingham Station. We had lugged these really big bags (full to the brim with clothes, shoes and make up – as you an imagine), off the train. By the time we got to the station it was around 10:30pm. Great timing in order to find the hotel and get ready to go out. Although, food was a necessity at this point. We were extremely hungry and needed food fast. Me and my bestie get a little hangry if we haven’t eaten in a while. – When I say this, I mean everyone needs to back off, we turn into monsters.

So, we grabbed a McDonalds (as you do) and headed to the hotel which wasn’t too far, it must’ve been a 2 minute walk. We go to the hotel that I booked. **WHY DID MY BESTIE LET ME BOOK THE HOTEL** – We walked in and it seemed nice enough, we booked in and headed to the lift. The lift however scary. There was only 1 of them working. We walked into the lift and 3 other guys had come into it as well. This lift seemed so unsafe, it made all these scary noises, it smelt and was really small. The guys in the lift were speaking a language that we didn’t know and every other word was a swear word. They were getting a little aggressive to each other as they had all been drinking – (Well still drinking). They got off on another floor (thankfully). The doors closed and started to move slowly again. All of a sudden, we heard a loud noise – It sounded like a fire alarm. Our hearts started to race as we didn’t know what was going on. We managed to get to the floor in which or hotel was on and literally ran out the lift. – I hate lifts.

When we got of the lift we were greeted with the STENCH of WEED. I hate the smell of weed and its unpleasant to smell especially if 1. You’re not a smoker 2. In a hotel! – Some people are just so inconsiderate. Just imagine if there was children in the hotel and they smell that. It’s not good! Finding our room was like Mission Impossible. The layout of the hotel was like a maze. It took us 5-10 minutes just to find the bloody room. I get irritated and frustrated very easily and this was really toying with my patience. We FINALLY found the room and opened the door, expecting an amazing room with double bed. NOPE. NOT WHAT HAPPENED AT ALL.  The room had no windows, the bed was small and felt like cardboard, the sheets were like paper, the bathroom stank and had mould along the sides, thick black muck along the skirting boards – UGH it was just disgusting. We sat down on the bed and looked at each other as we ate our food. We could hear people outside the door shouting and banging on the doors. I got up and locked the door – Which wouldn’t have done any help as the lock was a small flimsy chain. The room didn’t have any safe locking system. I turned round and looked at my bestie. We must have read each others minds. We wanted to leave.

We started looking at other hotels. Luckily we found a premier inn which had rooms available we grabbed our bags and headed to the reception. There was no way that we were getting into the lift again and went down the stairs. I’m going to tell you now, we were on the 9th floor. Lugging our bags down the stairs was such a ball ache! We handed the key back in gave a really bad excuse as to why we needed to leave.

We ran out of the hotel and round the corner to the premier inn. When we got too the doors, there was a security guard that has to buzz you in to make sure you’re not drunken idiots. – This place was so nice and felt so much safer. We booked into a lovely double room, it was all cleaned and just amazing. Before we went to the room we went straight to the bar and got ourselves a bottle of wine to take up with us. The lady behind the bar had asked us what had happened and what we are going to be doing this evening. She had mentioned that the hotel that we had been at was known for being sh**. She then showed us exactly where we could go for a good night out. – LOVELY LADY!

We entered the room and immediately felt better and started getting ready with the glasses of wine. – WINE MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER. We had music on, dancing around the room, doing our make up and hair. We looked at the time it was 12:30am. We needed to hurry and get out to the clubs. All dressed to impress we went out and wondered the streets to find a bar or club. – No luck. Google maps wasnt helping too much as we kept getting lost. Now girls, you all know that walking around in heels in a city you don’t know hurts like mad. We started to get demotivated and was about to head back to the hotel when we got approached by 2 guys,…

Now, if you’ve read my previous blogs with my bestie we always seem to make friends on a night out… These guys looked just as lost as we did. They had asked if we new where any good bars or clubs were. We both looked at each other and was like nope.. So we all ended up tagging along with each other – We all booked a taxi (I know, I know stranger danger) and headed to some clubs…. Thats when the night started.

OK Insiders, this is a long blog, so stay tuned for part 2 of The Birmingham Adventure!

Much Love,

The Insider x


Keyboard Warriors 

You can tell a lot about the age of someone by the way that they text. Like the younger generation are able to text with just there thumbs and without looking at the keyboard. Whilst my parents generation will hold the phone like 15cm away from their face and type with their index finger. – Hilarious! It’s hilarious when you see someone writing a text with their index finger! It’s just not natural at all! I mean come on, surely a thumb is easier to type with?

I hate auto text! This can be such a vital sign to see how old someone is. Like when your phone automatically corrects things and people write back saying ‘what does that mean’ – This clearly means that they’re the older generation! Like ‘ducking’ this is a common automatic iPhone correction – If you don’t know what this means, then sorry your too old to have an iphone! – Only joking!

In todays society you can’t live without a phone. Its iPhone this, Samsung that. Honestly its crazy! I can’t imagine being without a phone. I see loads of kids nowadays that are 8-10 years old and have the newest phones out. I think thats stupid! I was lucky if I was to get a nokia 360.- You know that big thick brick looking thing? With buttons for numbers, it gave tour thumbs an amazing work out! You had to click onr button to get the right letter! Those were the days… Now this was a phone that you could run over with a truck and it wouldn’t break. I promise, I have tried to break this kind of phone and I believe that it is indestructible!

My sister is 10 she has an iPhone 6 plus. I mean how does this phone even fit in her tiny hand?! What does a 10 year old need with a phone like that? – Ever heard of keeping up with the jones? I think this is what happens when kids go to school. They always need the bigger better gadgets. – Its sad I think… I used to go out and climb trees with my friends, I wasn’t glued to a phone, TV or computer. However, as I’ve grow up and moved into adulthood, I do seem to be glued to my phone more and more. 

As good as phones are in today’s world, they cause major problems. I mean I’m sure you’ve all heard of Jeremy Kyle. Like JK  is always saying that he hates Facebook as people are always ‘trashing’ each other on it. I believe that phones enable bullies to come alive. Making the world of phones and social media unbareable at times. Back in my day they were called keyboard warriors. They would completely rip you to shreds over the internet or text, however when met face to face with you wouldn’t say a thing. – People are always saying we have the best safety systems in the world to protect users against abuse. RUBBISH. The internet that we can all access on phones, is growing and making life for many unbareable. All the bullying and cyber crime. Scary! 

However there is perks to having phones, and the internet always available. Like when I want to prove my boyfriend wrong. All I have to do is bring google into the argument and I’ve won! Haha only joking but honestly the internet has helped millions of people connect and share stories around the world. Helping fundraise for charities, reuniting families that have lost contact. – There are the amazing powers that’s the internet has. Espically when you have a phone that enables you to have all of this at your fingertips! 

Anyway, my keyboard warriors – 

Much Love, 

The Insider x 



I loath Halloween. It’s the time of the year that most people look forward too, but for us scaredy cats it’s the worst night of the year. It’s just an excuse for people to go out and scare people. I hate it. I lock myself away in my house with the lights off, the curtains drawn, doors and windows locked.

I remember when I was younger, I didn’t know what Halloween was, didn’t know the concept of it at all. I heard a knock at the door one evening, my mum was in the kitchen and I opened the door before my mum got to it – (Silly as I was only young it could’ve been anyone). Anyway – I open the door to a group of kids that had masks on dressed in black. I screamed. I screamed at the top of my voice and slammed the door. I ran as fast as I could up the stairs to my room and hid under my bed covers. Obviously my mum opened the door and apologised to the kids and handed them sweets. She shut the door and shouted up to me to come down. I slowly walked down the stairs crying. I sat on the stairs trembling as my mum hugged me. She couldn’t help but chuckle as she explained what Halloween was and that people dressed up in scary outfits and knocked on doors for sweets. – Honestly I can still remember this night, which can kind of tell you how scared and traumatized I was.

Halloween is such an innocent time of the year for children. They dress up and go to houses that will give them sweets. However as you grow up and go through your teenage years and young adulthood you start to see the other side of it. It’s a pass for girls to show off their bodies. It’s the one time of the year that girls can wear something revealing and no one bats an eyelid. The best way to try to explain it, would be in the film ‘Mean Girls’. You know when they all dress up in the sexy outfits (not really outfits, more like underwear). I would be Lindsey Lohan turning up to a Halloween party (if I liked Halloween) in a god awful costume and stand out amongst the sexy outfits. Boys must absolutely love it. – Eye candy!

The only reason that I would like Halloween is the candy (no not the sexy outfits) but the physical candy. The amount of sweets and chocolate you can collect in one night is amazing. It’s a night in which people become diabetic. Just imagine the millions of children stuffing their faces with sweets. – I LOVE  the videos that get posted on Facebook that show parents stealing their kids Halloween sweets or telling their kids that they have eaten it all. The kids faces are hilarious. It’s like they have worked so hard for it. I feel like this is a life lesson to kids – No matter how hard you work, people will take things away (in this analogy I’m talking about your paycheck. The mean taxman comes along and takes it away).

There is also a scary side to children getting sweets from people’s houses, think about all the sharp objects they might be given. The saddos out there that might want to cause harm to children. what if the sweets are poisoned or something?! I know it sounds extreme but this could happen… If your going out with children this Halloween please be careful and check their bags. – Unfortunately there are weirdos and dangerous people out there.

WOW that got dark for a moment…


My Halloween is going to be locked away in my room, with a bottle of wine and Disney films.

Much Love,

The Insider x

They Won’t Hurt Us…

You know, I’m not that afraid of wasps or bees. However it depends how other people around me act when they see them. For example:

I’m a normal person, I will just gently wave my hand to move the Bee/wasp away. My sisters on the other hand (oh my god), they literally go into panic mode. They will be flapping around, screaming and running away.  Now when I see them do this, it then makes me panic.

On holiday, we will be out at a beautiful restaurant by the beach. Having a laugh with the family, when all of a sudden my sister will notice a wasp. (Oh lord). They would be up, waving it away, asking to move tables, anything to get away from them. Seeing the shear panic in their faces makes my heart start to race and before I know it I start to freak out. We will all then be making a big deal about this tiny wasp.

It’s one of those things, that as soon as you see one, you start seeing millions! I don’t know where the fear of wasps/bees came from. My sisters have never been stung or anything. – That would be understandable if they had a bad experience, but nope.

The waiters in the restaurant and our parents would be looking at us like we should all belong in a mental hospital by the way we react to them!

They won’t hurt us, if we don’t hurt them.

Much Love,

The Insider x