Big Yourself Up

So, I was at work today (like a normal person would be on a Monday), and I went to see one of my friends. He's one of those friends that like to teach me about life.. I mean he's very close to hitting the BIG 40, so I guess he's kinda qualified to teach me... Continue Reading →

Bye Hun.

I never understand how one person can make you feel so small. I mean, I'm in the best place I've been in a long time. Eating healthier, doing more exercise, seeing and spending time with friends. Honestly, I couldn't be better ... (yes I have bad days, but I've learnt not to dwell on them).... Continue Reading →


Evening Insiders, I feel as though I'm sinking ... again. Its horrible. I've been on top of the world for sooo long, it was only a matter of time that I would fall. I've got a promotion at work, I've got an amazing family, good friends however I feel more alone than ever. I've made... Continue Reading →

What Is Perfection?

You know I think that too many people worry about how they look. To me I think that we should all just be happy with the way we look. I however know all too well that the way that we look means a great deal. In today's generation, it is all about how we look... Continue Reading →

Handbags Vs Clothes

I think I've mentioned before that I find Shopping a little tedious and sometimes stressful. I've been out shopping with my bestie all day. She's this gorgeous size 10 with big boobs and flat stomach (jealous!). Whilst I'm a chubby size 18 and lumps and bumps in the wrong places! She can wear a dish... Continue Reading →

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