It’s never too late..

Insiders. I'm about to do something drastic. Firstly I'll give you a bit of background... Recently I've been really looking after myself. Zoning in on me, myself and I. I think its way too easy to forget to look after yourself. Especially with how busy day-to-day life can be. I sat down maybe a couple... Continue Reading →

Zoned Out

Hey there Insiders, I was sitting in a chillout area at work today on my lunch. Sitting there with a few friends, all just chatting away about something or another. I'm one of those people who can blank out in the middle of conversations and not hear a word that's been said. It's weird, I... Continue Reading →

You Got This..!

I'm 22 years old and I deal with depression and anxiety. It’s not a very nice thing to have to deal with at that age (for at any age for that matter). Depression isn’t a word or even a subject that I like to talk about much. Depression is something that I had held in... Continue Reading →

Fresh Air Breathing People

Hey There Insiders, It's me again. Are you a non smoker or smoker? If you're a smoker your like my bestie and like 96% of my works population. They all go out on breaks together, bonding over the intoxicated air. The cold winter months they all huddle together for warmth and companionship. - It's like... Continue Reading →

It’s Just A Bad Day.

Insiders, I have had the worst week. I mean, saying it was the week is a little bit of a lie. Tuesday was bad. Recently I've been doing really well with staying positive and happy. I've been doing really well with work I've been happy within myself, just everything has been great. I went into... Continue Reading →

I love your…

Hey there Insiders, I've recently come back from the lovely hot country of Spain. If you've been checking in recently I'm sure your all aware that I didn't really want to come back. (Still the case). I'm amazed at all the comments I've been getting about my freckles. I personally hate my freckles. They are... Continue Reading →

Spain 💕

Well Insiders, I've been off work and off communication for around a month. Many many reasons for this.. The last 2 weeks I've been in holiday with my parents. The most relaxing holiday I think I have ever had. 10 days in the gorgeous Spain. I know, I know what a cliche for an Englishman... Continue Reading →

Dear Audi/BMW Driver

(NO OFFENCE TO AUDI or BMW DRIVERS!) Dear Audi and BMW driver from the road this evening. Just because you have a big sporty car that's automatic doesn't mean you can drive up my a** and pressure me to go faster. We are in fast moving objects that are killing machines when not drove correctly.... Continue Reading →

But first COFFEE!

I know I've been a little quiet on the blog Insiders (miss me?) - Only joking! I've been VERY VERY BUSY! How do people do this?! This is my first early shift in months. And I have to say .... ITS KILLING ME! - Why on earth would people like having early shifts?! I would... Continue Reading →

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